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The history of fast food restaurants

Everyone thinks that they know how fast food restaurants first came to the United States. The story, at least as McDonalds itself tells it, has it tha

The history of Italian food in the US

Italian food is one of the most popular casual dining formats, and it’s little wonder that it is so popular when you consider the breath and quality o

Why the UK casual dining sector is in trouble

Around five years ago, casual dining was meant to be the salvation of main streets and malls that were struggling with plummeting occupancy by retaile

Eating options in airports and stations

One of the places where casual dining restaurants tend to sit head and shoulders above other choices, is in the airport. This is a place where people

Will young people start to shun fast food?

Traditionally, it has been teenagers and young people who have been at the beating heart of the fast food industry. It was teenagers who first gave su

What counts as fast food?

Fast food is a slightly odd phrase to use to describe a restaurant nowadays. It seems like even places which offer quick service are nervous to brand


Fast Food in the USSR: The History

Fast Food Forward

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