Branding is everything when it comes to establishing a new eatery. If the business is to thrive above the competition the restaurant will need to distinguish itself. Creating a clear brand identity can be hard. One of the simplest ways to achieve it is by decorating the walls of the restaurant in unique ways. The owner could purchase poster prints from Dear Sam. There is a wide range of different images available. Perusing the catalogue will allow the restaurant owner to find posters that will make the eatery stand out.

Sticking With A Consistent Theme

One of the biggest mistakes a restaurant can make is decorating the walls with posters that do not go well together. In the world of design consistency can be seen as a sign of success. Therefore when looking for prints from Dear Sam it is best to only choose ones that conform to a specific theme. This could include art deco, vintage or typography-based images.

Deciding On Colour Or Black And White

As well as a theme the wall art also needs to have a specific colour scheme. Otherwise, it can seem like a hodge-podge mix of images. Black and white is often favoured by restaurants because it exudes elegant simplicity. This particular colour scheme is perfect for classy and upscale establishments. On the other hand, casual dining eateries that cater to families would be better off going for bright and colourful posters.

Wine Images

Many restaurants distinguish themselves by emphasising their wine service. These places could have posters of famous wine regions on their walls. The areas on these maps could correlate with the specific bottles that are on the menu. For example, a poster of Bordeaux may be placed on the wall during evenings when this type of wine is available.

Themes To Try

Since there are so many options available from Dear Sam it may be difficult for restaurant owners to know where to start when choosing posters. It may be worth testing out multiple themes to see which works best. These could include flowers, landscapes, celebrities, music, animals or even outer space. The more an eatery experiments, the closer it will get to finding the ideal theme.