If you are trying to impress someone when you take them on a date or out for an important business engagement, the odds are that you will pay slightly over the odds for a restaurant. This is perfectly normal, as it’s the experience that matters in these circumstances as much as the food that you are actually eating. However, in a world of online reviews on websites such as Tripadvisor, even the most famous of restaurants are under more pressure than ever before to up their game and ensure that they deliver a great dining experience time after time.

This is even more true for places that want to be popular among the so-called Instagram generation, who are well known for documenting every experience that they have online and sharing it with their friends. One false move with the wrong Instagram influencer could spell disaster among this highly lucrative demographic, and there is every chance that the restaurant will have no warning, or even any concept, that someone with this type of clout is dining with them at any particular time.

The quality of food at high-end restaurants has also taken a step up in response to new circumstances. The internet means that word of a new place can spread very quickly, and restaurants are no longer able to rely on brand power, and trade solely on a reputation except in major cities and tourist spots. Overall, these circumstances have led to major improvements for the restaurant-goer, who now has a choice of restaurants working harder than ever before to win their custom, and demonstrate why it’s worth paying a little bit more.