Traditionally, it has been teenagers and young people who have been at the beating heart of the fast food industry. It was teenagers who first gave success to the McDonalds chain in the 1950s, and if you’ve watched any advert for a fast food chain recently, you will have noticed that they are heavily targeted towards the younger end of the market. These chains have an image problem with younger demographics though. Their reputation for unhealthy products means that teenagers and twenty-somethings are starting to turn towards other options when they are looking for food on the go.

This means that chains are going to new lengths to keep up with millennial tastes and buying habits through a number of innovations. A lot of the work has been focused on making the buying experience as straightforward as possible by offering app based ordering and easy pickup options.

There have also been significant changes to what is on the menu. While a lot of millennial customers do want to indulge now and again, and it would be wrong to suggest that greasy fast food is permanently off the menu. What has changed, however, is the amount of information that is available about each option. Most fast food chain now offer calorie counts and other important pieces of information on their website, and it is now far easier for consumers of all ages to understand what they are actually putting in their mouths when they order fast food.