If you’ve ever eaten in a fancy restaurant, you may have looked at the staff and wondered what the experience of working there day after day is actually like. The answer is that it varies a lot depending on where you are working. Kitchen staff, particularly those at the bottom of the metaphorical ladder, can have a fairly torrid time of it, having to work under chefs with big egos and little appetite for anything going wrong. The same can also be said for junior waiting staff, who can suffer similar fates at the hands of a stressed front of house manager.

Move up the ladder, however, and things get a little bit more rarefied. This is where the big tips start to come into play – staff at some high-end restaurants can make fairly impressive salaries that may even impress the businesspeople and other high-flyers who are coming in to eat there. Rest assured though; they work for their money. The shifts can be long, and almost always involve working unsocial hours and of course dealings with members of the public who can always be a little unpredictable.