Fast food is a slightly odd phrase to use to describe a restaurant nowadays. It seems like even places which offer quick service are nervous to brand themselves as offering fast food due to the negative connotations that come along with the phrase.

This means that there are now all sorts of other phrases that are used to describe outlets which offer what we would have once described as fast food. Whether they describe themselves as offering ‘fast food done right’, ‘take away options’ or something else, the truth is that they are probably offering something equivalent to fast food.

In reality, what counts as fast food these days is as much a question of marketing and the desire of restaurants to pitch their offerings at a certain market segment. At the end of the day, it is up to the consumer to think about what they are eating, check out there calorie and nutrition info if they so desire, and decide whether the thing that they are about to order can really sit comfortably as part of their balanced diet. Thankfully it’s now easier than ever before to make these decisions.