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What state is the fine dining restaurant market in?

About 10 years ago, it looked like haute cuisine could be on the way out. The Global Financial Crisis had significantly reduced demand for expensive f

What is coming next in the fast food industry

The fast food and convenience food markets have changed almost beyond recognition over the last 10 years. This is in reaction to new market conditions

Is Asian food the next big wave in casual dining?

The casual dining market has been fairly slow to start offering Asian cuisine. While there are a number of European chains such as Wagamama, which off

What is working in a high-end restaurant like?

If you’ve ever eaten in a fancy restaurant, you may have looked at the staff and wondered what the experience of working there day after day is actual

Dressing Up For a Restaurant Date

Dress code is not the most popular topic that you will find on a blog about restaurants. Thankfully, most eateries do not have a dress code. Only a tiny minority of restaurants will try to enforce a dress code; even the most expensive establishments usually do not have a dress requirement. [IMAGE=b3Le69ezOhqB.jpg] That said, there […]

How to get a reservation at a fancy restaurant

If you’re trying g to impress a date then it’s probably not a good idea to turn up at a fancy restaurant without a reservation, only to discover that


Fast Food in the USSR: The History

Fast Food Forward

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